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Cerussite crystallizes in the form of masses, grains, stalactites, crystal clusters, and single crystals. This mineral is a wonderful grounding stone and allows one to feel “comfortable” and “at-home” in all environments. It is a useful stone for business-travelers, as well as pleasure-travelers. It allows one to easily adapt to situations and to change as is required. Cerussite encourages growth in all areas of ones life. It is excellent in both stimulating and enhancing communication; it is quite conductive to all aspects of correspondence. It also assists one in the art of complete listening. It has been used to balance the left brain and right brain, encouraging creativity in the intellect as well as encouraging intelligently directed ingenuity.
It helps to align the network of the nervous system and to provide for free flow of energy. It is also a powerful grounding stone, providing for a clear connection to the powerful basis of love.

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